Cooling Services

Cooling Services

When you need cooling, your company or family depends on the performance of your air conditioning system. However; keeping your air conditioning system in its original peak performance condition year after year demands preventative maintenance and small repairs as well as operational changes that can be made without extensive costs.

Here are some of the Mechanical Services we evaluate and maintain on a regular basis:

  • Clean air filters and cooling coils to maximize the energy efficiency of your unit.
  • Check drain lines for algae buildup that leads to air quality problems.
  • Provide necessary maintenance to air handler and duct work to cut down on mold and mildew growth.
  • Check refrigerant and all seals in the system. Recharge refrigerant if needed.
  • Clean and overhaul the condensing evaporation coils and evaluate all air return and supply ducts to be sure they are not broken or disconnected. In some systems cooling towers will be checked.
  • Check thermostat program settings to realize maximum energy efficiency.
  • Determine if internal changes have affected the “right sizing” of your air-conditioning unit. The proper sizing and reconfiguring of your duct work and distribution system is critical to efficient performance.
  • Check the Economizer, which allows maximum system efficiency.
  • Check energy management systems to maximize energy efficiency and space comfort.

Stay Cool, Save Energy, Save Yourself or Your Business Money
Your air conditioning system must work harder to remove the heat generated by office computers, lighting, and people. Introducing energy-efficient office equipment provides the added benefit of lowering utility bills due to reduced air conditioning loads.

Consult with Marcotto Mechanical Contractors Inc. to learn about the many ways you can save energy and stay comfortable at your home or business. All our air conditioning technicians have required licenses for all repairs you may need and they are licensed to recover refrigerants and properly dispose of them according to EPA regulations.

We service and repair ALL makes of equipment. We have the expertise to work on equipment that may be 100 years old or brand new. We have the service manuals for most of the equipment in use today!