Central Air

Central Air

How does central air conditioning work to keep our homes cool? Central air conditioners function the same way a refrigerator does. In fact, your fridge is essentially an air conditioner that’s attached to a big insulated box. Both of them work on the premise of drawing heat and humidity out of your home or a space in the case of your refrigerator. The result is a home that has less heat and humidity in it, offering a much cooler feel. Air conditioning units have a special kind of chemical in them, referred to as refrigerant. Freon was one of the early chemicals used for this purpose, but its ozone depleting effects have caused it to be replaced by other “green” substitute refrigerants.

There are a number of basic parts to the average central air conditioning system. They are the:

Condenser (Outdoor Coil)
Evaporator (Indoor Coil)

What else should I look for when buying a central air conditioner?
If your central air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, replacing it with an ENERGY STAR qualified model could cut your cooling costs by 30%. If you’ve decided that you need to purchase a new central air conditioning system, call us to explore the benefits of an ENERGY STAR unit. Remember, even though these products can be more expensive to purchase up front, the cost difference will be paid back over time through lower energy bills.

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