Marcotto Mechanical Contractors Inc. is an established HVAC company since 1999.  Our company culture, mission, values and beliefs are the core of who we are which consist of growth, vision, change, future, progress, hard work, respect, creativity, strategy, structure, and a passion for excellence and performance. We are searching for individuals who align themselves with our culture so if you possess all those traits you are a fit for us and we welcome your resume and all the great things you can offer!

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I have been employed by Marcotto Mechanical Contractors Inc. for 13 years.

In my time at Marcotto I have watched the company grow and become an excellent HVAC Contractors company. In my early days with the company, there was no more than 5 employees. The company has now grown to over 50 employees, but no matter how many people join our team, it truly feels like a family. Everyone who comes through the door is treated with respect.    

I always feel my work is appreciated, appropriately compensated, and I am truly proud to work here. The growth of the company has enabled them to pay competitive wages, group benefits and RRSP contributions. Marcotto has done a terrific job of establishing strong relationships with our clients and they have become a highly respected contractor. I am confident in the company’s ability to continually acquire new contracts and bring in work for our employees.      

Marcotto is a great place to work! My co-workers and I feel as though we have been given an opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways. In doing so we all feel as though we are part of the company’s success and that drives us to want to be a part of it for many more years to come.

Fernie Lopes

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